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What is HTML?

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language and is the code that our web browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.) translate into the webpages we see.

An HTML file has many things in common with a simple text file, but along side the text of the page you will also find 'tags' which hold the code that browsers use to structure the page.

What software do I need?

There is a variety of software around for coding in HTML with varying degrees of simplications. Applications that minimise the amount of coding you need to do can also be restrictive on features, and so it's a very personal desision as to what software solution suits you best.

If you are new to HTML and want to experience it fully to understand some of the basics then using Notepad on your Windows PC or TextEdit on a Mac is often the best way to start.

When you create code in Notepad you can save it as a '.txt' file which will continue to open in Notepad, when you wish to view it in a browser just go to 'Save As' and change the file extension from '.txt' to '.html' and the HTML should open in your default browser.

Basic Structure

An HTML file is structured using tags, these tags surround the content and apply meaning to them.

A good start would be like this:

<!DOCTYPE html>

This is my web page


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