We offer a complete design service for our client from design to delivery. Some of the key features of our services are listed below, if you have any queries or requirments not mentioned below please contact us.

Brand Design

Branding is all about your company having the correct presence and giving the right impression. The branding has it's foundations in colour schemes, logo, textual tone etc.

Honey Graphics has helped many clients establish a brand that is right for the market they are in and the selling points of their company.

Web Design

More people are online than ever before, the internet has changed the way we live our lives, with information at our fingertips. Consumer habits have changed with the internets growth, clients expect to find information online about you, most consumers will search for a company's website to find out more before phoning. If potential customers are searching for you online you need to have presense to be found, and by having your own website it allows you to ensure your company and services are conveyed in the way you want to be seen.

We offer a complete web design service, from initial sit down, through planning, concepts, coding and deployment.

Digital Design

Digital design goes much further than web design including:

  • Advertising Banners
  • Email Design
  • E-Brochures

Print Design

In a world where everyone is online, it is important to remember the importance of print design has never gone away. There's nothing like the real thing, printed media promises an authentic human connection that should never be overlooked in our increasingly digitized daily lives. Our print design services include: