Business Card Design

In today's digital age too many people overlook the value of having a professional business card that accurately reflects their brand. Whilst websites and social media do an effective job, digital content can be fleeting or forgotten about very easily.

Although small, a business card is often the first item a potential client will receive from you, it is your first opportunity to make a strong and positive impression on them. Having your business card gives them something tangible to remind them to investigate and encourage a relationship to grow.

Many small businesses overlook this opportunity by utilising various 'do-it-yourself' online business card printing services. With very few exceptions it's easy to spot a card produced by DIY design services. When you elect to 'go cheap' on your business cards, what message does that send to those you wish to do business with?


Ideally your business cards should be inline with your branding across all media to prevent confusion and give a feeling of stability and consistancy for your clients. Your brand should be clear across invoices, websites, letterheads, business cards etc.

Design Tradition

Business cards in the UK are typically printed on 350gsm and above card stock, although we find 400gsm the most popular. A card is normally 85mm by 55mm.

Cards can be made in any size you like, and many cards have been produced with unusual quirks. Making your card unique or different from the norm can make it very memorable but might affect it's convenience.


You don't have to include a complete list of details on your card, some of our clients have chosen to have business cards with just a company logo and telephone number. Be deliberate in what you choose to include, maximise impact for the things you include by minimising clutter.

We tend to recommend keeping the back blank or using it for non-critical information. Tradionally business cards were single sided and so often people don't even look at the reverse. If you wish to put copy on the back, be sure it is of supplemental nature (i.e. Company's tagline). Whilst a business card is to promote your company, it shouldn't be confused with advertising.


Getting A Quote

If you would like us to provide a quote for designing and printing your cards please contact us, try and give us as much information as you can (Do you already have a logo, or artwork you want the design to be consistent with?).